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An introduction to Chinese Medicine

So firstly thanks to everyone who came to the Chinese Medicine seminar last night So for the next eight weeks, there will be a Zoom meeting on Monday nights at 20:00 BST on the evening class link, for one hour. The course is called An Introduction to Chinese Medicine. It will be of special interest […]

The Way of Occlusion

Chapter 13 Qili nong — The Way of Occlusion To many people in the Western world this will have no meaning whatsoever, but this is not very surprising as even the majority of Chinese do not fully appreciate its true and total depth, although some may have heard or read about little parts of it, […]

The Golden Principles of Tai Chi

I thought I would put this here because I have come to study this one page in Chee Soo’s Tai Chi book so often over the last couple of years that I have almost memorized it. The reason is, it is such a useful page because it contains these principles which apply to pretty much […]

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